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Nobody Said It Was Easy just launched on iOS! Download free:

Thank you to all the Newgrounds players and your feedback. Main comments I got were that the keyboard controls were confusing and the game slowed down on some computers. I think you'll find that the game controls MUCH better on touchscreen, and the game has been optimized so that slowdown should be rare-to-nonexistant.

I don't think I'll be able to update the Newgrounds version without losing everyone's save data (a problem with Clickteam Fusion, my game-making software), so if you want to see the latest updated version, try it on iOS.

I have plans to release NSIWE on Android in the coming months.


Cup of Joe Games

2014-07-31 21:49:35 by CupOfJoeGames

I've known about Newgrounds for years, but only now signed up - so hello!

I make games & apps - so far Nerdy Workout and Nobody Said It Was Easy. I like retro stuff and fun, simple games that test your skills to the limits.

I'm also a Flash animator, so maybe I'll make some stuff for NG soon!